Winter in the Garden

Winter Interest

As Garden Designers it is always important to listen to our clients wants. One re-occurring requirement is for our planting design to included year round interest. Winter being the most important as it can really drag on! In times like this, a colourful flower or a sweet scent against a bleak cold day can lift  More

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Nature is in our name.

We often get asked what Alitura means. Alitura is Latin and translates as Nature; Nourish; Feed. We chose to name our partnership Alitura because of this meaning. We keep in touch with Nature through the design process. We aim to improve the biodiversity (through species and structural diversity) within the gardens we design. We Nourish your hopes  More

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Front Garden – Bug Bear

We have a bit of a bug bear with things going on in urban front garden designs these days. More and more I keep seeing this No allowance for a single bit of planting to make the house looked settled. No allowance for water to soak anywhere naturally, drains are then put in at a  More

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Parham House Garden

bench on the long border at parham house

We recently had the pleasure of a sunrise visit to Parham House gardens. There is no better time to see a garden come to life then first thing in the morning. The peace and tranquility, the dew on the grass, the ebbing sound of the dawn chorus…                  More

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The Benefits of a Garden Design

Garden design tunbridge wells

Having a well designed garden can have a number of returns for your investment – and not all directly monetary. Gardens are good for your health. Having a considered design will provide you an exciting garden and one you will use more than you did before you had a design. Rather than look at the  More

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Glorious Gardens of Old Croatia

Garden Design in Croatia

A recent trip away from the office for a few days took us to Rovinj, Croatia. A beautiful old city dating back to 6th Century (or even earlier), it is a maze of cobbled streets where you can happily get lost in, stopping here and there for a gelato or cold beer in a small  More

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Cut Flowers for the Garden

Garden Visit - Dahlia

Now that summer is in full swing and gardens are blooming everywhere it’s a great time to be able to bring some of the outdoors in to get maximum use out of your garden. A small posey can brighten up anyone’s day or room! Not all cut flowers have to be annuals, its even better  More

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Garden Design Detail

As garden designers, we often visit gardens to take a look at other designers’ garden design details and planting combinations. This weekend we went to Holsworth Manor, North Chailey, who hosted an Open Day on behalf of The Bevern Trust, a home for young adults with severe learning disabilities. Sweet Chestnut pergola, sited a bit  More

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A Japanese Garden Design by Alitura

Rocks and Grass Japanese Garden Design Brighton

We love to pop back and walk around the gardens we have designed to see how the landscaping is settling in, how the plants are maturing, how the client’s are enjoying their new gardens and if we can help guide them with any maintenance. Below are a few images from a Japanese garden design we  More

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Gravel and Timber Steps

Gravel and timber steps are a low cost yet affective way to traverse a slope in the garden. We source land based gravels for their better environmental credentials than marine based gravels, and Oak is FSC certified and sourced from French sustainable forestry. The dimensions of the timber means we have a lot of flexibility  More

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Gardening with Children- get prepared!

children garden tools

Be prepared and buy all your annual seeds now for this years projects. Seed sowing starts from March, so don’t miss the boat! I find it is best to write down the sowing dates and put these in order- nothing like being organised! I suggest Sunflowers for competitiveness! Also Zinnias for amazing colours. Try Nasturtiums  More

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Plant of the Week: Iris reticulata

Iris spring planting in a garden in haywards heath

Botanic name: Iris reticulata                  Common name: Netted Iris. Iris: Named after Iris the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and of the sea and the sky. Reticulatus/a/um: Netted; with a net like pattern Iris reticulata hails from Russia, the Caucasus, and northern Iran. They are small plants (up to 15cm)  More

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Getting the Children into the Garden

Engaging children with the outdoors is so important. Getting off the sofa, switching off the TV, going outside, breathing in fresh air, and taking part in an outdoor activity are all great for the health and life wealth of the next generation (and ourselves!) The best time to get them involved is young. As early  More

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We’ve been featured in houzz!

Borrowed landscape garden design Brighton

Odla en rogivande och tålig trädgård vid vattnet Yes, it’s official! One of our projects has made it into an article written by Houzz. You will have to translate the page if you wish to read the article! Thanks Houzz. We are delighted that you featured our Brighton Coastal Garden in your article.  More

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The Garden in July

Children in the garden design

June was the month when my garden seemed to explode into flower! While I was watching the beds become plumper and fuller through late May into Early June, the anticipation was almost unbearable…like we were all holding our breath waiting for the starting pistol in a 100m final! Then ‘POW’, and the borders were off!  More

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The Garden in June

Flowering cornus Garden design

Last month, as my borders billowed out with foliage of fresh greens and silvers, with dashes of bronzes and maroons, it became quite apparent where the gaps were. This meant that this month I could afford myself the pleasure of some weekend retail therapy in local specialist plant nurseries. I actually get tummy flutters when  More

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Alitura’s Garden Design Process

We believe that garden design is a process. It can be a short process, or it can be a long process, but it none-the-less it is a process. How long it takes depends upon the size and complexity of the site, and how long you as the client need. It needs to be a process  More

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The Garden in May


Last month my garden started to come into its own. Lots of lush green mounds appeared where once there was bare earth. It was at this stage I moved a few plants around in the garden. And this is why. Plant Performance When we design planting plans for clients, and for our own borders, we  More

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Making the final five!

We entered a show garden competition recently for Jacksons Fencing, and the show garden was for Hampton Court Flower Show. We didn’t win, but we made the final five, and we are thrilled to have been placed. Apparently it was a tough call, and that makes it even better to have made it through the  More

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Designing with Snowdrops

Snowdrop shed in sussex

As garden designers, we often include bulbs in our planting designs. Bulbs are a great and cost effective way to bring colour and interest into the border, lawns, on banks and beneath hedges. Galanthus – Snowdrop –is the bulb that once flowers, brings a sense of optimism as it heralds the beginning of the year  More

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The Bare Bones of the Garden in Winter

In winter time you really get to see the garden stripped back and the bare bones of it become visible. The structure becomes the predominant factor. This, coupled with some classic winter planting can brighten up a drab and dreary time of year. The careful placement of trees, shrubs and hedges help to create vista  More

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A Mexican Delight

Inspiration is everywhere for a garden designer on holiday, lucky enough to be in Mexico over Christmas I got to see wild Salvias growing in the hedgerows, exotic agaves seeding on the sides of the roads and Tithonias wildly seeded in the central reservations- all plants that we have to grow as half hardies or  More

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Naught wrong with a Garden Gnome…or a Donkey

I am like every other garden designer – When it comes to other people’s gardens, I am really quite nosey! One thing I like to do is nosey into people’s front gardens when I am on foot. I may peer through a hedge on a country lane and admire someone’s huge front garden and parking for 4  More

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Jobs to do in the Garden: Get Geared Up In January!

Winter plants in the garden

After filling up on sherry and mince pies, it is hard to think about getting motivated again, particularly when it comes to the garden. The garden looks like it is feeling a little down in the dumps too! Its experienced a few frosts, and it seems the the final signs of life have been wiped  More

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Planting in Walls

Gabion Wall Sussex Garden Design

There are times when a wall can be planted in, creating a feature of an otherwise ordinary supporting or boundary defining structure. Walls can also house raised beds, allowing level planting on an otherwise sloping garden. So, plant in them, and plant behind them! Above is the award winning garden by Ian Kitson, where he  More

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A Crazy Garden Visit!

Garden Visit Meadow

Today, as part of the National Garden Scheme, Ian Kitson’s award winning garden in Alfriston was open to the public. So, in our usual ‘don’t need an excuse’ manner, we tootled on down for a nosey about. First impressions? Crazy! Crazy paving! Made crazier by the fact no joints were mortared that exaggerated it’s craziness!  More

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What Does That Plant Name Mean?

Planting Design Lewes-Viburnum burkwoodii 'Mohawk'

When I was at college learning plant identification, one thing I did that I found very useful was to find out what the plant names actually meant. I found it helped me understand the plant a little better, and to use its attributes as a way to remember its name. It also translates across to  More

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Hamamelis: A ‘must have’ plant!

Hamamelis 'Aphrodite' Plant of the Week

As with most plants, you always find an article somewhere sighting it as a ‘must have’ plant. So why ‘must you have’ Hamamelis, or witch hazel as it is commonly known? According to the RHS ‘Its spicy fragrance and spidery flowers in yellow, orange and reds make it a must for the winter garden.’ Hmm…..sounds  More

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Fantastic News! Funding Granted!

Community Garden Design - allotment

Fantastic news…the Landport Community Allotment easy access area – that Alitura designed back in 2010 – has finally been granted the full £10,000 Lottery funding under Awards For All. The build officially begins on the 14th January and we will keep you up-to-date via our various social media. We will also post progress images up  More

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A little bit of Autumn Exotica!

Bo and Ness - Alitura Landscape and Garden Design

Funny how often you see someone standing next to a feature plant and having their photo taken! So we thought we would join in the hords of visitors lined up for photo opportunities at Sheffield Park this past weekend! What do you think?! And yes, it was an educational trip, honest! Every year, thousands of  More


A Break in the Weather + Saturday = A Garden Visit!

Garden Visit - Nyman's Sunk Garden

A rare sunny Saturday was maximised with a visit to Nymans, a National Trust garden located in Handcross, West Sussex. Nymans is an interesting garden with a fascinating history. Four generations of the Messel family have been involved with the evolution of the proprty and are still involved today. As with lots of large estates  More

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Just a stones throw away

Garden Visits - Wakehurst Place

My long suffering daughter joined me on a visit to a local stone quarry to collect samples for a client. Little did she know she would be donning a hi-vis jacket and scrambling over mountains of rocks to visit the quarry itself! As garden designers in Sussex, it is important we know our local materials  More

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John Brookes’ Garden: Denmans

Garden Visit - A well sited Urn

A road trip with my daughter found us at Denmans, a garden designed by John Brookes. A well known, influential garden designer, he has also written many books that form an important part of my reference library. Even the old dated 1970s ones often get pulled out and flicked through, releasing that wonderful, unique old  More

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Fun at Furzey

Furzey Gardens, sited in the heart of the New Forest was recommended to me by a friend as a fun garden to visit with children. My so-called child is verging on being an adult at the tender age of 13, but still, she completely immersed herself into the garden. The garden has a variety of  More

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Grasses, Sedges and Rushes – Oh my!

Planting: Native grasses

I used the request of some more grasses for a client’s garden as a good  excuse to travel down to Knoll Gardens in Dorset. Knoll is a specialist grass nursery and gardens, and is well worth a visit, not just for those in the business, but for the general visitor.  The gardens are spread informally  More

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Welcome to our brand new website!

Garden Design- pond with prairie style planting

We would like to welcome you all to our brand new garden design website. Please feel free to browse through our pages and find out a little more about us. If you are thinking about having a design for your garden and don’t really know how it works, do call us on 07900 416679 and  More

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