Parham House Garden

We recently had the pleasure of a sunrise visit to Parham House gardens. There is no better time to see a garden come to life then first thing in the morning. The peace and tranquility, the dew on the grass, the ebbing sound of the dawn chorus…

parham house

Sunrise at Parham House


potager at parham house

Kale and Zinnias in the potager


morining sun on a border at parham house

First light in the garden


The rose garden Parham House

A rose in the rose garden


rose and thyme border at parham house

Looking towards the rose garden


autumn colour at parham house

Autumn colour


allium seedheads at parham house

Allium seedheads and Cosmos


phlox at parham house

Phlox with dew


the long border at parham house

The Long Border


bench on the long border at parham house

Beautiful autumn planting scheme at Parham House


cherub at parham house

Cherub in deep contemplation with a fish!


shady seat at parham house

Shady bench for a restful moment


the new perennial border at parham house

The newly planted border in the walled garden


potager at parham house

Productivity on the potager


parham house glowing in the morning sun

Over the potager


over the pottage at parham house

Sunrise in the potager


autumn border at parham house

Rudbeckia, Eupatorium and Sedum – autumn classics


Parham House -17

Stipa gigantia performing as it should


vases at parham house

Vases in the glasshouse at Parham House


the glasshouse parham house

Looking through the glasshouse – a riot of colour

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