Terraced Town Garden in Lewes

  • Type Garden Design

This couple and their dog and cat were desperate for a beautiful and useable outdoor space. Their existing terraced garden in Lewes was collapsing and the borders were encroaching onto the lawn area. Overmature shrubs made the garden feel a lot smaller than it was in reality.

Their garden design wish list included terraces, a summer house, a lawn for the dog and beautiful borders. The views were to be opened up and screened where appropriate.

Initially the garden was to be built in two phases. In the end, it was decided the whole garden was to be built in a single phase as they could see the whole vision and how improved their lives would be with their renewed outdoor space.

The design had to allow for future changes to the house that included a new door and window. The ground floor of the house is split level and so split level terraces were created: The top one to sit and drink coffee and enjoy the long views to the South Downs, the larger one to entertain friends and family, and near the kitchen for ease.

Down into the main garden a path leads them past plump borders and a fruit tree to the summerhouse where they catch the morning sun and spend leisurely weekend mornings reading the papers. A bench is situated in the shade for times when the summer sun is just too hot.

The difference this garden design made was significant. They are so thrilled with their larger open garden that now has journey and destination. The wider reaching views also make the garden feel larger and gives it a sense of place, which is a garden nestled within the rolling landscape of the South Downs.