A Seaside Retreat – a coastal garden design

  • Client Residential
  • Type Garden Design
  • Size 165 sq m

This coastal garden is a weekend home and the clients wanted a garden that reflected its position – by the sea – and would be relatively easy to maintain. They wanted maximum enjoyment of the garden, and to enhance their beautiful views of the sea and the coastline of Brighton. We created a coastal garden design with flowing curves, reflecting the undulations of the cliffs beyond as well as the waves of the sea.

Materials were all those found in the beach environment – rusty metal (CorTen steel), old timber, stones, gravels and cobbles. We created a large deck area so they can entertain and appreciate the best view of the garden – the night time view of the bright lights of Brighton, and the daylight views of the huge expanse of the Channel.

Even though the coastal garden is not finished – the planting is due in mid April – the garden already has a sense of completion as it is reminiscent of the pebble beaches of the nearby coastline.

The planting design comprises coastal plants that are suitable for the prevailing climate. The palette will be pinks and organises with a highlight in blue. Come back later in the month to see images of the planting complete.